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Decorating Tips for Rooms With Drapes

Drapery decorations

Although the terms drapes and curtains are often used interchangeably as one and the same, there are actually some differences. For one thing, drapes are heavier and curtains are lighter and oftentimes sheer.

Because drapery is heavier and more dramatic, it's important to decorate accordingly. The good news is that it adds more texture, and that helps a great deal with the overall look and feel of the space.

What You Should Know About Drapes & Decor

One reason homeowners choose draperies is that, if you get the right shape, they actually are an integral design element. They can become a worthy focal point of any room.

  • It's all about colors and patterns. You can end up clashing or making a room feel too small or busy with the wrong drapery choice.
  • Dark drapes can really make a room feel small, dark, and heavy. Use them carefully.
  • Don't overlook the importance of the dramatic touch that even just the drapery cords can add.
  • Tie in other elements of the room with the same colors, while also avoiding making it too "matchy."
  • If you really want to use dark and dramatic drapes, use mirrors to offset and counterbalance everything. Also, incorporate plenty of natural and artificial light.
  • Learn more about how to combine different styles of window treatments. This not only creates a unique look, it makes for a more user-friendly system.

Getting Expert Help

A successful window treatment project begins with hiring the right window blind company. That's why so many locals rely on Superior Window Fashions to design and complete their project.

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